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Guide To Laser: Laser Hair Removal for Beginners

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Laser for Beginners

Laser Hair Removal certainly isn't new in today's aesthetics treatment. In fact, It is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the UAE. Still, many shy away from it because of complexity, cost, or even technology.

If you are a laser beginner, In the next 5 minutes, I will help you understand laser hair reduction. So that you stop plucking & shaving.

Science of Laser explained as 12-Year-Old

Okay, I am going to make many doctors unhappy here. But I will explain laser as a 12-year-old to you.

A Laser is a simple light emission device that is used for Laser Hair Removal. Now, If you know anything about Light, It has wavelengths and different wavelength means different light. Laser Light has a very specific, controlled wavelength.

So, How does this light emission device can help you with hair removal, you ask? Simple. The Laser can generate very controlled heat, not harmful for skin, destroys the cells responsible for hair growth on the skin. After the cells are no longer there, hair follicles can not grow back.

8 out of 10 People taking the treatment notices a tad to no pain at all. Only a mild tingling sensation.

So, What to expect from Laser Hair Removal Treatment?


This is my personal favorite thing to debunk. As Laser & Pain is asked consistently. I get it LASER may sound scary, but it is not. 8 out of 10 People taking the treatment notices a tad to no pain at all. Only a mild tingling sensation. People with lesser tolerance to pain may feel slight pain during the procedure, this is where the doctor helps with skin-numbing cream to reduce it further. So, You can take it as a 'tickle on the skin' type procedure.


LASER is a medical treatment. And like many, there are cautions & precautions. Although in very minor proportion, skin redness & discolorations may be seen. Usually, these types of risks are detected early in the procedure and terminated.

On the other side of risk is, your skin repairing the damaged hair cells. Again, rather very rare occurring, skins can repair the damaged hair cells and some of the hair follicles may grow back.


The laser Hair Reduction procedure requires patience & consistency. For you to start seeing results, you need to have a regular session as prescribed by your doctor. Usually one can start noticing significant results after 3-5 sessions. However, full results may take up to 6-8 regular sessions. You need to stay through with your appointment.

Hair on your skin grows in a cycle. To ensure that the laser is getting rid of all of them, you need to have multiple sessions to target the hair in its growth cycle. In Total, How many sessions are suitable, the doctor will instruct you before your first procedure.

Treatment Walkthrough

Once you have booked an appointment for your first laser session, I advise you to speak to the doctor a day before about your Treatment Procedure.

This is recommended as different clinics may follow specific procedures & machines to conduct laser hair treatment. For example, the clinic may advise you to shave off the treatment area the night before your visit, whereas some may trim off excess hair right before treatment. Both are equally safe, but you knowing before is what's important here. It is also advised to avoid direct sunlight one week before your laser treatment.

Once you have arrived for your session, the doctor will analyze your skin & hair beforehand. They will primarily check for Skin Color, Hair Color, Hair Thickness, Density & Hair-Skin Contrast. Analysis helps them tune the perfect settings on the laser machine for you.

They may also ask about your health condition & history. Although, There's no restriction for a person with a normal condition. Those with heavy medication or skin sensitivity issues may be advised otherwise.

Laser Treatments are fast enough & smaller areas with low hair density like the upper lip might only take up to 1-2 Mins. However, a large surface of the skin, like legs may take 30-40 mins with rare breaks in between.

Before the treatment start, doctors might apply skin-numbing cream. This helps reduce the pain during the procedure.

Laser Machines are fairly easy to operate & can be done by a specialized technician under a doctor's guidance.

Again, Depending on where you are, the doctor may do a sample patch test before the actual treatment to check their laser settings are ideal for your skin. These are done in less sensitive areas to avoid any minor trouble.

During the Treatment, While you are feeling that mild tingling sensation, think about the summer on the beach, with your flawless body shining under the sunshine. Okay, we are done. You may go now :)

Dr. Rashmi at Riva says "Avoid going out in the sun for one week post session. Put sunscreen if you feel any sensation."

Laser Done, What Next?

Post-Laser care is incredibly minimum. Dr. Rashmi at Riva says "Avoid going out in the sun for one week. Put sunscreen if you feel any sensation." She also adds "Avoid hot shower and anything that may scorch the skin like scrubbing. Avoid waxing too".

In Conclusion, Just be careful as to how you are with a sunburn.

Although Laser Hair Reduction so readily available, you should be careful with your choices. You should only choose clinics with verified dermatologists & estheticians.

Cost of Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Reduction Technology although few may argue is a moderately priced procedure. The cost of Laser may vary from person to person & where you are getting it done. Smaller areas like upper lips can cost you only AED 50 - AED 100 per session. Clinics across UAE offer Full Body Laser for AED 5000 - AED 12000 for 6-8 sessions. Again it depends on where you are, how is your hair density. That's why I advise you to speak to the clinic consultant about treatment costs on various levels. The key here is to complete all of your recommended sessions. Leaving your treatment in the middle is not wise.

Where should I get Laser Hair Removal Done?

Although Laser Hair Reduction so readily available, you should be careful with your choices. You should only choose clinics with verified dermatologists & estheticians.

If you are in Dubai, Try us.

Riva Laser Medical Center is the hub for Laser Hair Reduction treatment. Offering advanced laser technology at low cost with a team of pro estheticians & dermatologists. If you are interested to know more about laser, visit our clinic in Al Nahda, Dubai.

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