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Tattoo Gone Bad?

Laser Tattoo Removal
Fades from First Session
FDA Approved
Experienced Doctors

Riva is best for you!

Modern facility and Professional Staff

Best Treatment is not everything we offer, our clinic is equipped with modern facility Hygienic Environment & following COVID-19 Protocols. We have trained and Professional staffs to make your day easier with us.

Advanced and International Medical Devices

Our Clinic is Equipped with only Advance Medical devices. To give you the best; we have only chosen the industry best devices and treatment Equipment

Experienced Team of Doctors

We have a team of Doctors with Average 10+ Years of Experience. Head of the team Dr. Rashmi has 15+ years of experience in Esthetics Treatment and has provided treatment to more than a thousand Patients

Service was really great good staff or really friendly

Learn More About Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you regret having a tattoo on your body, or if you don’t like that one tattoo. With laser you can get it removed. With Advanced Laser Machine (Picosure) get noticeable results within weeks.

Laser works on your tattoo ink and Breaks into small fine particles which then taken away by blood vessels. Our new laser machine breaks the Tattoo ink to even smaller particle. Which can make the tattoo almost invisible

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