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Take A Safe Step Towards Loosing Weight Without Surgery

Get rid of stubborn fat through an effective and safe procedure

Submit your details to reduce fat and cellulite at once

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The Right Weight Loss Treatment For You

We have the advanced machines of Lipo Zero and Body Shape 2 and offer both cavitation and cryolypolysis (fat freezing). The goal is simple the reduction of total body mass aimed towards fluids, body fat is the targeted and healthy area of weight loss. The procedure delivers great results and is totally non-invasive. If you are looking to refine and sculpt your figure without having to go under the surgeon’s knife, and also quickly return to your daily activities get in touch with our team today.


Safety @ Riva

"We are committed to provide you safer & effective treatment here, at Riva"

Riva Laser Medical Center


Ground Floor, No. 9, Mai Tower,

Al Nahda, Dubai

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